Our holiday property is located in the hamlet of Eguilly, which is around 1.5km from Couches in the beautiful department of Soane-et-Loire. Using the superb uncongested auto routes, it’s around a 6 hour drive from Calais or around 120km from Lyon airport.

For English visitors using the tunnel and reaching Calais at around 9.00 am usually means arriving at the property around 4.00pm allowing for breaks along the route.

Map of South Burgundy

Southern Burgundy has a temperate climate and from April to October the weather is generally warm and it becomes hot during the months of July and August. Autumn is typically characterised by warm sunny days.

Wine lovers will appreciate that Burgundy has the highest number of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOCs) than any other French region. Visits to the famous towns of Beaune (25 mins by car) and Nuit Saint George (about 50 mins) are a must see.

The property is situated on a private no through road and enjoys stunning views due to its prominent position. Couches has everything you'll need on a daily basis including a fantastic bakery, the post office, a branch of Crédit Agricole, a good sized and well stocked supermarket etc. The peaceful location and excellent local amenities in Couches make it an ideal restful haven.